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Grant County Trends
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Why Grant County Trends?

Our Goal: To democratize data

The Grant County Trends project seeks to improve local, public decision making by providing relevant data in an easily navigable website. The data provided on this website is offered as neutral information. We leave it up to the citizens to apply the information according to their individual value judgment.

More specifically, the goals are:

  • To collect and share a broad spectrum of information to support informed decision making by individual community members, governmental policy makers, non-governmental organizations, businesses, researchers and the press.
  • To benchmark Grant County Trends against Washington State trends or other comparable communities.
  • To enable analysis of these trends.

Our Approach

In determining which data sets would be used, the Grant County focus groups followed these guidelines:

  • Important to large numbers of the community
  • Valid measurements defined by good science and social science
  • Understandable to a lay audience
  • Available repeatedly over time to allow trend analysis
  • Sourced from credible sites

A Process, not a Product

The trends have been developed using state and federal databases. The site continues to evolve, as we add additional trends every year and occasionally delete some. To provide the most relevant data, we need the reactions of site users. Please take advantage of our feedback box to give us your thoughts and help to improve our offering.

Above all, we view Grant County Trends as a tool for all residents of Grant County that will only improve over time.

Development Team

The Grant County Economic Development Council (EDC) and Eastern Washington University's Institute of Public Policy and Economic Analysis partnered on this project. Funding was provided by the EDC. The EDC is the lead economic development agency in Grant County. The EDC's focus is on attracting new investment and jobs for the Grant Valley. While the EDC maintains an economic database on the Grant Valley, they wanted to enhance the type of information collected and made available to Grant County citizens. As a result, the EDC has been a leading advocate and the principal funding source to develop the Grant County Trends site. The EDC has received funding for this project from the Washington State Department of Commerce.

The Website Development Team is a cooperative effort of two groups from Eastern Washington University (EWU): The Institute for Public Policy and Economic Analysis and the Center for Digital Media Design and Development. The team members in these two programs are responsible for the overall development of the Grant County Trends project.

The Institute for Public Policy and Economic Analysis (IPPEA)

The Institute for Public Policy and Economic Analysis (Institute) is a multi-college program at EWU. The Institute, staff and students, gathered the statistical data, wrote the explanations & designed this site. They have also created several other similar indicator websites for Spokane County, Grant County, Chelan and Douglas Counties, Benton & Franklin Counties, the counties of Northeast Washington, Kootenai County ID, and Fresno County, CA.

The Institute's Director is Dr. Patrick Jones. Scott Richter is the Community Indicators Manager at the Institute. Brian Kennedy is the Institute's Data Analyst. Brian is responsible for all of the statistical input on this site, as well as for the Institute's other sites. Eduardo Bringold is the Institute's Student Economic Research Intern, and assists with the collection and analysis of the site's data. (Sam Wolkenhauer , Ryne Rohla, Jeremy Marinos, and James Merchant previously served in this role). Joe Gagnon is the Institute's Student Community Indicator Interns assisting with website maintenance and electronic publishing (E.B. Vodde, Elizabeth Backstrom, Billy Lei, Matt Parsons and Noelle Madera previously served in this role).

The Center for Digital Media Design and Development

The Center for Digital Media Design and Development (Center) is a collaborative extension of EWU's Departments of Computer Science and Engineering & Design. Development projects for campus and off-campus clients give students the opportunity to apply their skills in a real-world experience The Center is directed by Dr. Linda Kieffer (509.359.7093). Dr. James Braukmann previously directed the Center, and contributed to this and the other indicator projects.

The goal of a university is the graduation of its students; therefore, our team is constantly changing as our students graduate.

Rachel Allison is the current student designer. Previous student designers were: Sara Weinand, Zach Daley, Katie Lilly, Katheryn Sande, Beth Karper, Rachel Clabaugh, Heather Bakker, and Kate Yates were our previous designers who contributed to this and the other indicator websites.

Kandyce Moore is the current programmers. Tyson Miller, Melissa Mewhinney and Bryan Hilmer were our previous programmers.