Grant County Trends Blog-May 2023

Did you know there are over 150 different community indicators on Grant County Trends - each updated throughout the year? But which ones, and when?

This issue of the Grant County Trends blog lists the most recently updated indicators on the Grant County Trends website.  

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Recent Updates


0.1.2 Median Age of the Population
The median age gives a value of the middle, and consequently helps to describe population. By this measure, the County is and has been considerably younger than Washington or the U.S. For 2021, Census estimated the median at 33.9 and 31 years for the County and Moses Lake, respectively.


1.1.7 Cattle, Calves & Dairy Cows - Total & Share of Washington's total
Is Grant County Washington’s Longhorn county? Almost, ranking 2nd to Yakima. In 2022, Grant’s headcount stood at about 200,000. For all kinds of cattle/cows, the County claimed one out of every seven of the state’s bovines that year.


2.1.2 Median Household Income (MHI)
MHI is one of the key measures of progress in any economy. Between 2019 and 2021, MHI in the County jumped by about $5,000, or 9.2%.  MHI in Moses Lake is about the same. MHI levels in the County and Moses Lake are still below that of the U.S.

2.3.1 Residential Building Permits - Total & Rate
Total residential building permits grew handsomely during pandemic years 2020 and 2021 in the County. 2022 witnessed a slight decline but the rate per 1,000 residents still matches that of the state.

2.5.1 People Living in Poverty - Total & Share of the Population
Due in part to unprecedented federal assistance during the pandemic, the total and share of the County’s population living at or below the Federal Poverty Threshold has declined significantly from 2019.


3.4.2 Share of the Adult Population with at Least Some College or an AA degree
The impact of Big Bend Community College can be seen in this indicator. The estimated share of the population with this level of education in 2021 was far above the shares for the U.S. and state.


4.2.2 City of Moses Lake Water Consumption per Capita
The average resident of Moses Lake consumes considerably more water during a year than the average resident of Walla Walla. Usage, however, has declined over the past decade.


5.1.9 People with a Disability - Total & Share
In 2021 an estimated 14,000 County residents, or one out of every seven, reported some form of disability. The rate here is now a bit higher than in the state and the U.S.  The most frequently reported disability involves cognition issues, followed by ambulatory challenges.


6.1.7 Home Ownership Rate
The rate of home ownership in the County is about the same as it is in Washington and the U.S. The estimate in 2021 was lower than in 2007, but the difference is not statistically significant.


8.1.3 Accommodation Retail Sales
These revenues offer the “cleanest” component of visitor spending, since food & drink, as well as shopping, expenditures also contain spending by residents. In 2021 accommodation activities easily exceed those of pre-pandemic 2019.



list updated 05.08.23

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